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Our Diverse Portfolio of Professional Services

Avon (via Connie Ward)
Connies AvonWebsite:
Services: Avon is the world’s largest direct distribution company and we are helping Connie build her network of people through her websites, social media & email marketing.
Ancient Paths Christian Bookstore
Website: http://ancientpathsweb.comancientpaths
Services: This website is owned by Larry Pruett. We help manage the day-to-day needs for all of Larry’s website businesses including and We also provide training, consulting and ideas for future growth and support.
Annie’s Hope - The Bereavement Center for Kids
Services: We did not develop this website but love to showcase it. Annie’s Hope has meant so much to our business and family. The mission of Annie’s Hope is to offer comprehensive support services to children, teens and their families who are grieving the death of someone significant. We are currently providing consulting services on an as-needed basis for Becky Byrne at
Bamco-MFG, LLC
Services: We developed this mechanical engineering website for Bryan Compton. Bryan came to us needing a simple, affordable business site for reference on-line. This site is nothing fancy but provides some very critical promotional material that will add to Bryan’s success as an independent contractor and add value to his business overall.
CC Resale
Services: This is a new entrepreneurial venture put together by Charley Ward, my 15 year old business apprentice. This resale website will essentially be like a yard-sale store on-line; mostly clothing. It is currently in the development stages, however it should be ready by the end of August. This site will provide a place for Charley to learn and grow in her entrepreneurial career as well as provide some spending money while she is earning her high school education.
Connie’s Cleaning Service
Services: Connie is my business partner and most trusted adviser. She has her own entrepreneurial spirit and runs 3 businesses along with providing much needed and appreciated oversight for This website is for her cleaning business. Together, with the help of an excellent graphics designer, we developed to help promote Connie’s Cleaning Services. It is one of our favorite websites.
Covenant of Grace Church
Services: We did this site pro-bono because we love the Lord and because we love Covenant of Grace Church! It is also one of our favorite websites to showcase and promote because it is such a beautiful website! Note: we can only accept one pro-bono website at a time, sorry!
Dreamaker Farms
Services: This is one of the very first websites that really helped to get my development business started. Ann Quinn is such a wonderful person to work with and she has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit! We learned so much from working at Dreamaker Farms that our time with Ann truly changed our lives forever. We love to showcase Dreamaker Farms and! We also run a Facebook page for Dreamaker Farms. Check it out!
Fifth & Oak Autobody
Services: Fifth and Oak Autobody was our first client in Washington! Monica Keeven was a delight to work with and the staff at Fifth and Oak is just outstanding. The friendliest customer service in town! But then again, we do live in a very friendly town. :o)
Services: Randy “Red” Kohler is the coolest Cyber Security teacher I know. He was also once my teacher in college! I have learned so much from working with Randy Kohler. He also has a gigantic entrepreneurial spirit and understands the “big picture”. We are proud to develop this site for Randy and are looking forward to big things in the future to come!
K-D Machine & Tool, Inc.
Website: http://MachinedInTheUSA.comkd mahine and tool
Services: This website is currently in the “machine shop”. We are helping K-D Machine & Tool re-vamp their old website. It will have a professional made video, brand new design, a professional logo, updated company information, bios and more.
Services:  This is another website we manage for Larry Pruett. Larry has an Amazon store that we are going to integrate into his business website.
Randys Towing And SalvageWebsite:
Services: Randy Nolie was about to get rid of everything in his salvage yard when a friend from Fifth and Oak Autobody referred him to us! Randy hired us to develop a single web page and a facebook page. We share out Randy’s business on facebook once a week and he couldn’t be happier. His phone is ringing every week now with new customers and we helped save some vintage cars from the crusher!
Services: Another very smart business venture by Larry Pruett. We are looking forward to helping develop this for him in the coming months as well. 
Saint Timothy Missionary Baptist Church
Services: Currently we are providing consulting and management on an as-needed basis for Pastor Landis Fisher and the Saints at Saint Timothy Missionary Baptist Church in beautiful Wellston, MO!
Scrapbook Me
Services: This website represents a lot of hard work and dedication. It also shows what can be achieved when you put your mind to it and pursue your passions and dreams. We built this site to help generate a small income from a home-based hobby and now we are growing it into a brand and a business that will some day bring in a significant harvest. The value on the domain name alone when we bought it was over $5,000. We have big plans for this website. Once it has enough loyal followers and subscribers it will be turned into a membership website that could potentially be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Straight Gate Ministries
Services: I have known Pastor Landis Fisher for nearly 15 years. He is my mentor and one of my closest friends. His website is the very first website I ever built nearly 15 years ago while in college. I developed the entire site with ASP and Microsoft DB’s and it took nearly 6 months. It was powerful, dynamic and still one of my best pieces of work from a “behind-the-scenes” stand-point. You can find the old website here.

Today I can design a more powerful and more dynamic website of ten times the caliber in 1-2 days. We are helping Landis continue to develop his on-line ministry outreach at his new website, You can find his Facebook page, which we also manage, at
This website was put together entirely by our website apprentice, Charley Ward. She is only 15 but very wise beyond her years. We want her to have the same entrepreneurial spirit that we have and to learn how to pursue her dreams and know that dreams can still be achieved in this world. That is why we brought her on board to help us develop businesses on-line at and we think she is doing a fine job!
Services: I bought this domain name many years ago and used it for a personal blog for a while. Now I use it mainly for a staging area for testing purposes and demonstrations. This domain name is currently for sale for $2,999. If I do not sell it, I will eventually build something on it so act now if you are interested!
Services: was founded by mortgage industry expert and entrepreneur Kevin O’Connell. We are helping Kevin fulfill a 10 year vision to provide a much needed service to the outdoor enthusiasts in the on-line community. We can’t tell you all of the details about this project right now without giving away too many secrets but what we can say is that is expected to be one of the top competing websites within its market and is forecast to grow and dominate even within its first year. The expected launch date is set for early this fall, just in time for hunting season!!!.
Services: Just in time for the latest surge in e-cigarette trends, Josh and Lisa, the owners of the Vapology e-cig store in Saint Charles, MO asked us to develop an internet presence in order to help promote and capture sales leads for their latest entrepreneurial venture. Josh and Lisa have started and successfully managed multiple businesses and I know they will do the same with their Vapology Store. We are just happy to be a part of it and to learn so much about this industry and business in general from our good friends, Josh and Lisa. 

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